Camellias are a genus of hardy to frost tender evergreen shrubs and trees with dark green glossy foliage best grown in neutral to acid soil in part shade away from early morning sun and strong winds. If the soil in your garden is not suitable for these plants they will grow very well in pots and containers. Camellias should be watered with rain water from a water butt as tap water is often unsuitable for them for long periods of time. Although maintenance for these plants may be a little higher than for others it will be worth it when they flower. Camellia
Camellias are available in many vibrant colours and will provide your garden with an absolute burst of colour at the time of year when not much else is going on.
Camellia japonica - Bushy, upright, keeps spent flowers, shade to part shade.
Camellia x williamsii - Drops spent flowers, lax habit, part shade.
Camellia sasanqua - Full sun, upright, variable sizes.

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