Fatsia Japonica 'False Castor Oil Plant'

This tough shade loving evergreen that is native to Japan and South Korea is perfect for every garden due to its suitability to growing in almost all conditions. Fatsia Japonica is a wonderful plant to grow indoors in pots providing an attractive addition to your house as well as thriving in the garden. Soil conditions needed for this plant to grow can vary from light to heavy, sunlight can be little or none and it will survive an array of temperatures. This plant is perfect for beginner gardeners as well as being the plant of choice for more experienced gardeners. It provides a gap filler in areas of gardens where not much else will grow as well as being the perfect accompaniment for plants of a tropical persuasion.


Gardening Shop UK - Fatsia Japonica 'False Castor Oil Plant'

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Fatsia Japonica 'False Castor Oil Plant' - Gardening Shop UK

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