St Johnís wort - 'Hypericum'
More commonly referred to as St Johnís Wort these plants can be annual or perennial herbs, shrubs or trees. Widely recognised for its medicinal purposes Hypericum can also be used as an attractive ornamental plant. As research is still ongoing as to the potential side effects of taking Hypericum whilst on other medication and during pregnancy it is advisable to consult your doctor before using this plant for any medicinal purpose. This should not however prevent you from growing this superb plant and using it as an addition to your garden.
Plant Hypericum in full sun or partial shade in moist well-drained soil of any type, as it is hardy and low maintenance this plant will suit gardeners of every ability. Ensure to plant at least 1 foot apart to allow the roots room to spread. Planting can occur in early spring after the last frost or it may be necessary to plant indoors and transplant outside in late spring. Flowers will bloom in summer bringing a burst of colour to borders and wildflower displays.

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St Johnís wort 'Hypericum' - Gardening Shop UK

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