Phormium  - New Zealand Flax
Phormium are evergreen perennials that are more commonly referred to as New Zealand flax due to their leaves being used as fibres by the Māori. Typically dark green with the occasional splash of colour the genus phormium now has many cultivars displaying an array of colours and variegated varieties.
Phormium are a clump forming shrub that is very versatile and will grow almost anywhere, they are tolerant of a wide range of condition thus making them an excellent addition to any garden. To allow phormium to thrive ensure the soil is well drained and in full sun. There are varieties of phormium that can reach fairly large heights and once in the ground can be difficult to remove, if there is limited space or the need to transfer the plant in the future make sure to choose a smaller variety or keep it pot bound.
Phormium are hardy to half-hardy but will grow in many conditions including windy, exposed and coastal areas. Plant in a spot that is open and when the weather gets cooler it may be necessary to cover immature plants with fleece until mature. Propagation by division can occur in spring and the foliage can be tidied up after winter.

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