Skimmia is a genus of four species of evergreen shrubs and trees that are native to the warmer areas of Asia.  They make perfect garden plants due to their luscious foliage and attractive red fruits and will provide you with all year round colours.

The flowers on a Skimmia plant are particularly attractive starting off as red flower buds in autumn and winter and progressing into fragrant white flowers in spring. In order to get fruits from these plants both a male and female must be purchased as Skimmia plants are dioecious (male and female reproductive organs borne on separate individuals of the same species).

Skimmias will thrive in shady conditions with moist, well drained soil and are also tolerant of drought.  They are exceptionally easy to care for requiring little maintenance, propagation can occur from seed sown into a pot or container in autumn and then placed in a cold frame. Semi ripe cuttings can then be taken in late summer. Skimmia are very hardy but to ensure they maintain their vigour over the winter a light mulching for protection may be needed and if pruning is deemed necessary it should be undertaken after flowering has ceased.

As these plants are designed to stay small and compact they are perfect for use in pots and containers to brighten up a patio area or for use in borders for maximum impact throughout the year. However you choose to site these plants you will be captivated and enthralled by their vitality.


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