Long Row (Tunnel) Cloches
When it comes to protecting your plants from both harsh weather and the threat of garden beasties, there are more than a few options open and available to you – sickly plants or those which need a little bit of a push in terms of getting growing can seriously benefit from cloches to ensure that they are always protected against various threats that could stunt their health.  Long row or tunnel cloches allow you to protect a number of tender plants at any one time, meaning that they can be easily lined up and connected to ensure that your weaker shrubs are always under close guard.
Long row cloches come in a variety of constructions and they’re also incredibly low maintenance – you’ll largely be able to set up and go, meaning that you won’t have to keep a close eye on anything you’re in need of protecting too often.  Build cloche tunnels as long as you need them – a great idea if you’re in need of a protective cover or mask to care for more than a few plants at any one time.  What’s more, everything is fully ventilated and you may even benefit from self-watering models – which, once again, takes away much of the effort for you in terms of taking care of your garden’s most needy residents.
Tunnel cloches can also be used with a wide range of guards and sheets, meaning that when put together in the right way, they can help to fight against nuisance pests, harmful weather and more besides.  Cloches of this length – tunnels and row models – as well as individual models – can be put to perfect use across the colder months and even in the nicer seasons if you have plants which are really struggling to get into their groove.
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