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Lawn scarifiers are superb tools that can transform the health and appearance of your lawn. Too often, dead matted grass and moss are allowed to spread and spoil a lawn, driving out the original fine grasses. Specially shaped serrated blades slit open the 'thatch' of dead grass and drag it out together with moss and weeds and loosen the surface of the soil to let in more air, water and nutrients.
Lawn aerators are a fantastic addition to every garden shed and will provide you with a lawn that is the envy of all of your neighbours. Designed to aerate the soil upon which your lawn is grown they not only assist in drainage but also boost the amount of healthy bacteria that is essential to the nutrient cycle by increasing the level of oxygen in the soil. Lawn compaction is quite common especially in areas that have heavy clay soils. Compaction can damage your lawn by preventing oxygen from getting to your grass roots thus creating a lawn that will turn less drought resistant. There are many types of lawn aerators available, the most commonly used being spiked and hollow tined.

 Lawn Scarifiers..

Manual Lawn Scarifiers

Manual Lawn Scarifiers

Powered Lawn Scarifiers Powered Lawn Scarifiers

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Roller Lawn Aerators Roller Lawn Aerators
Hollow Tine Lawn Aerators Hollow Tine Lawn Aerators
Electric Lawn Aerators Electric Lawn Aerators
Heavy Duty Aerators Heavy Duty Aerators

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Gardening Shop UK - Lawn Scarifiers

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