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If your garden, flowers and vegetation are in need of constant care with regard to round-the-clock watering, fitting up and reeling out the same old garden hose can be a bit of a burden sometimes!  In times of humidity and increasing heat, a water butt may just be your greatest ally – as with this little (or large) friend around, you’ll never need to so much as turn a tap on for your plants again.  At least not for a while, in any case!

Water butts essentially store water in copious amounts – generally as it comes down from the sky in the form of rain.  You can line up a butt near your drain piping to catch as much water as possible and then use anything you’ve stored up to water your garden as you see fit.  This is a great solution for anyone concerned about using too much tap water, for households struggling to keep costs down via water meter, and for those expecting periods of high drought or dryness later in the year.
Water butts provided chlorine-free, untreated water which is, of course, the healthiest for your greenery.  It’s also a great assistant to have in the face of a hosepipe ban, as all you need to do is siphon off a little water and away you go to water your beds and flowers.  Rainwater is an absolute miracle for keen gardeners, and water butts are by far the best gadgets for helping you to make the most of it.
As you can see, there are more than a few water butts in all shapes and sizes – take a look and see which model fits your garden and your needs – and, of course, your budget!  Save you and your hose a bit of trouble – buy yourself a butt!
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